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Transmission Repair

Your car’s transmission helps your vehicle run smoothly. As an integral part of your vehicle, transmission care and maintenance is vital. Our mechanic is familiar with typical transmission issues that arise with various makes and models.Engine Repair

A common transmission issue is in shifting between 2nd and 3rd gear or from 3rd gear to neutral. In some cases, the gears break completely. Other problems include high RPM without thrust and motion similar to neutral gear, even when the car is in “park”. Whether it is a transmission leak or a complete transmission replacement, you’ll be sure that Nordal's Auto-Body-Glass Inc has your back.

We know cars are an expensive investment, which is why our auto body shop takes extra care to keep your car back out on the road. We don’t want you to have to come back multiple times for the same problem, which is why we’ll guarantee we’ll get it done the first time. Our mechanic works on both standard and manual transmissions. With both as their expertise, you can be rest assured that you are in the right hands.

There is no excuse for not getting your transmission repaired. You don’t want to further harm your car. Come get your transmission repair and other auto repair services at Nordal's Auto-Body-Glass Inc in Arborg, MB today!